Katavi national park

Katavi national park is located in Mpanda District; Rukwa Region in Western Tanzania and its 4,500km² in size.The vegetation in this park includes dry woodlands shrublands, grasslands, swamps, seasonal lakes and riverine,grasses, herbs and flowers, shrubs and trees. The main entrance gate is 40 km south of the district capital Mpanda and 205 km north of the regional capital Sumbawanga.
In this park you will find Lakes like Katavi, Katisunga Mbuga, Lake Chada and Mpunga Mbuga

Animals in this park include:  zebra, topi and impala,Hartebeest, giraffe, Defassa waterbuck , buffalo, lion, Spotted hyena , leopard ,Wild dog ,elephant ,Hippos ,southern reedbuck ,hartebeest , bushbuck , duikers , antelopes , cheetah, crocodiles, wild cat, serval cat and the caracal.

Bird species include: pennant-winged nightjars, open-billed, spoonbills, crested cranes and pink-backed pelicans, African golden orioles, paradise fly-catchers and saddlebilled storks

What to do
Game drives
Bird watching

When to go
Katavi National Park can be visited all year round

By air: Fly to Katavi to Sitalike or Ikuu airstrips or at Mlele or you can fly to Tabora or Kigoma by Precision Air from Dar es Saalam from there you can drive to the park

By railway:
Take a train from Tanzania Central Railways to Tabora and Mpanda which will take like 2 days
Or you can take a train from to Mbeya

By road:

Drive from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya, it’s a long day drive, and then proceed to Sumbawanga and Sitalike/Katavi National Park.
OR drive from Arusha/Tabora: via Babati, Singida, Nzega and Tabora. From Tabora you can drive to Inyonga or to Mpanda from where you will connect to the Park