Mount Kilimanjaro national park

Mount Kilimanjaro national park is 1668 sq km. It’s the highest peak on the African continent and the 3rd tallest mountain in the world. It’s a world heritage site. Uhuru Point is the summit on this mountain. The vegetation on this mountain is lush montane forest, where you can find 140 mammals, including 25 canivores, 25 antelopes, 25 species of bats, there is also moorland zone, savannah bushland, densely populated submontane agro forest and alpine bogs, alpine desert which are home to 179 bird species  and mammals. The oldest peak on this mountain is Shira 3,962 m, apart from this there is also the Mawenzi peak 5,149 m on the eastern side of the mountain, while Kibo 5,995 is the most recent peak. On this mountain there are also gorges which include the Great Barranco and the Lesser Barranco.

Animals in this park include:  elephant, leopard, buffalo, the endangered Abbot’s duiker, and other small antelope and primates elephant, buffalo and antelope blue monkey, western black and white colobus, and bushbaby, leopards Abbot’s duiker Kilimanjaro tree hyrax bushbuck African elephants found between the Namwai and Tarakia rivers and sometimes occur on the higher slopes

What to do
Bird watching, hiking, visiting the gorges

When to go
December to February, July-September

There are several routes to climb Kilimanjaro and these include:

Marangu route which takes about 5 days of hiking. its the easiest route, oldest and most well established route

Rongai route which takes about 6 days of hiking. Its on the boarder to Kenya and afew hikers use this route

Lemosho route which takes about 6 days of hiking

Shira route which takes about 6 days of hiking, this is the original route from the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro

Umbwe route which takes about 5 days hiking This is a short, steep and direct route

Machame route which takes about 6 days of hiking. It’s the most popular route, longer, most difficult route but good for adventurous hikers

By road: Northern Tanzania, near the town of Moshi. About one hour’s drive from Kilimanjaro airport.

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