Ruaha national park

Ruaha national park is 10,300km². It’s the second largest national park in Tanzania. The Ruaha River flows with in the park. Ruaha national park is home to over 520 bird species, 80 animal Species, 38 Fish Species and 1650 Plant Species
The vegetation in this park is miombo woodlands, open savannah biomes.
The park lies 120km away from Iringa town which is about 2 hours drive

Animals in this park include:  buffalo, zebra, Defassa waterbuck, impala, giraffe, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, antelope , Grant’s gazelle , elephant , Lion , cheetah , leopard , wild dog, Spotted hyena ,Waterbuck, jackal.

Bird species include: saddle-billed storks, white-headed plovers, goliath herons and the white-backed night heron.

What to do
Game drives, Night game drives, bird watching, spot fishing, visit Ruaha River

When to go
All year round


By Road
Ruaha National Park from Dar es Salaam it is an 8 hour journey to Iringa from which there is a further 2 hour drive.

By Air
Get a charter flight from Dar es Salaam to Msembe Airstrip or to Jongomero airstrip minutes away.