Selous game reserve

Selous game reserve is 45,000km². It’s Africa’s biggest game reserve and a world heritage site. It’s a home to over 440 bird species which live in the with grassy plains, open woodland, mountains and forests and rocky out crops

Animals in this Reserve include Elephants, buffalo, zebra, impala, Nyassa wildebeest and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, kudu, sable, eland, giraffe, Vervet and blue monkeys, black & white colobus, antelopes, crocodiles and hippos, waterbuck, reedbuck and bushbuck, greater kudu

Bird species include: pink-backed pelicans, African skimmers and giant kingfishers. The sandbanks are home to white-fronted bee-eater colonies whilst ibises and palm swifts nest in the borassus palms

What to do
Boat game viewing
Walking safaris
Night game drives
Bush walks
Visit the hot springs

When to go
July-October, January – February

By road: It can be accessed by road and by air taking scheduled flights from Dar es Salaam.